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Sunshine Coast Construction


Make your remodel shine!

Family owned

since 2007

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Remodel. Renovate. Revamp.

  • Interior Remodeling

  • Kitchen Renovations

  • Bathroom Remodeling

  • Reconfigure or Refinish

  • Miniscule to Major Projects

  • Interior and Exterior


Sunshine Coast Construction (SCC) is a remodeling company where quality craftmanship meets outstanding result.  We strive to build a quality community.  When you hire SCC you won’t have several different sub contractors in your house at random times of the day completing your project.  You will have the same consistent and courteous crew in your home from 7:30-4:00 M-F until the project is complete.  By utilizing our talented craftsmen for the entire process we are able to control the entire aspect of quality.   Our entire team has skin in the game and has ownership in the project.  Our end goal is to finish and be proud as we walk away from your newly created masterpiece.  We bring the construction community to your corner and deliver world-class results based on honest relationships. 

Intimate Residential Remodeling

Recent Projects



Specialty Projects


"Sunshine Coast Construction has provided us with expert and reliable workmanship in a wide variety of projects. They always have a great eye for design, adding great value at every turn."

Gil & Nancy Wright

"Sunshine Coast Construction is the most professional contractor we have ever dealt with."

Bruce & Minna Strickland

"We bought our home in '85, when our children were young. Now, with the kids grown, we were able to completely renovate our home. Sunshine Coast Construction brought the vision in our heads to life. They added such creativity and artistry throughout the home. We are so grateful for their talents."

Don & Dotty Jacobs

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