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Joe Rumancik

President & Co-founder

Everyone has a passion in life. When I first started to learn how to cope and piece together crown molding, it was like a fire lit inside of me.  I had found a passion in finish carpentry that I never knew existed.  I wanted to do work is noticeable different and I wanted to be that master craftsman. My passion for remodeling gives me a chance to create something artistic that I can be proud of.

I also love to meet the people we work with (even the ones that don’t accept our bid). I love to know my community.  I love how connected the sales portion of my job has made me to so many of my neighbors.  In a world that seems closed off and sectionalized, my career has allowed me to break down the barriers with so many half hour “get to know each other” meetings.

I was raised to love and depend on family.  I feel that passing that legacy to my boys is of the upmost importance. This place is my home and the only place I could honestly ever call home.  I have so many memories of growing up right here at the beaches. I pride myself in honesty, hard work, and love.


Bob Findley

Vice-President & Co-founder

I have been in the construction business since I began my professional life as a young man, when I was traveling the country building churches.  I met my wife in Jacksonville and settled down here. I started Bob Findley Carpentry and focused on high-end finishing.

I met Joe when he and my daughter, Amber, started dating. I saw a great amount of potential in him and encouraged him to finish school and seek out the right licenses. He started working for me and I soon realized he would make a great partner. We started in 2007 and haven't looked back.

I love my grandkids and love being in their lives everyday.

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Steve Rumancik

Finance & Marketing

I spent the bulk of my career as a mechanical engineer in Michigan. It was a wonderful place for me spend my youth, but the warmth of Florida called and our family relocated here when my children were young.  

I've built or remodeled every home I have lived in as an adult and when Joe started having success with Sunshine Coast Construction, I new that my retirement years would gladly have to wait.  Being a part of the SCC team is akin to changing lives for our customers. When we complete a job, the smile on their face is the best feeling.

I am an avid traveler and love any and every outdoor adventure life can throw my way.

Greg Jacobs


I have been with Sunshine Coast Construction since 2018 years and I was my entry into the construction business.  I enjoy putting in the hard work, sticking to a plan, and creating a solution all for the customers satisfaction.  More importantly, I like when the customer’s vision and ours become one vision to their liking.


At SCC, we believe that quality and our work ethic go beyond that of the competition. We are experienced, thorough, focused, detailed, and honest. We are a Beach family with lineage.

I attended Fletcher High School and Lenoir Rhyne University.  I enjoy fishing and golfing and using my skills and experience to forward my career.

Matt Theis


I have been with Sunshine Coast Construction since 2015 and I have been in construction for 10 years. What I enjoy most about my work is my team. A successful job completed is any big one where I get to jive with the subs and we get to really make the client stoked. Specifically, I remember Norris's kitchen remodel and Griswold's bath/office remodel.  Our team is just the best. In short, SCC = Great people.  Great work.

I graduated from Fletcher High and also earned University of North Florida BS in Psychology. I enjoy loving Jesus, surfing, boxing, hunting, archery, woodworking…how much time ya got?

Grant Fletcher


I have been with Sunshine Coast Construction since 2017. I really enjoy how diverse each job is. It keeps work interesting using different trades and techniques depending on the scope of the job. I also enjoy being on my feet and moving around during the day. I consider a job successfully complete when the client is satisfied.

Sunshine Coast offers great quality work as well as an extra touch of efficiency when it comes to making your home still feel like your home. Our customer relationships are exceptional, and we know how keep a safe, clean job site. SCC is about quality work with attention to detail. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in 2012. I play drums in band called Gov Club and I love doing work on my own place in free time.

Joshua Murray


I have been with Sunshine Coast Construction since 2013 and I have been the construction business for 8 years. I love creating quality work and achieving customer satisfaction. I have a Bachelor’s in Fine Art from the University of Florida, and I get to apply that to my work.


Sunshine Coast Construction is not your typical construction company.  We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality and precision. I really enjoy my work, day in and day out.

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